While I am spending a lot of time and effort (not to mention money) to keep this site updated and make it ever more useful for you, it wouldn’t be good for me if someone would needlessly try to screw my happiness. So here is a little note to caution you on what you might already (read must) know!!!

Did you find us using your stuff? Read this…

We understand and respect your copyrights.

If your ‘file’ (by which we mean ‘your stuff’, like an image or a document) was not accessible to a regular internet surfer we would not be using it. For eg, if someone needed a password for it or needs to pay to use it, then in such cases we simply link to ‘that page’ if we find it useful for our users. However if we can access those things ourselves, without any password or payment, then you might find us keeping a copy of the file on our server.

But please allow us to clarify that under NO circumstances do we claim your hard work as ours! Unlike others who in the name of referencing (simply and lazily) just provide a generic link to your website home page, we provide a link to the exact page on your site from where we are suggesting some useful information to our users. This is helpful not only for our users but also for you, as it gets your website visitors who are actively looking for something which is already there on your website! This can hopefully bring you more business and also increase your authority rank.

The ‘technical’ reason why we may need to maintain a copy of your stuff on our server is so that when you remove it from your site or change your links structure (permalinks), it will create problems for competitiondigest.com. In fact this used to keep happening so much that several hours were wasted in just keeping a tab on broken links.

But it is your content. No doubt about that. In case you have any issue with your content and would like us credit it in a better way or even remove it. Just contact us.


(“Resources” refers to all documents, presentations, graphs, notes, technical pictures and similar material shared/linked/provided on this site)

The copyright to all content on this blog apart from resources and photographs specifically credited to other authors or organisations, belongs to competitiondigest.com and to the author(s) of the content. All photographs, resources, and other material posted on competitiondigest.com that are not expressly credited to another source are the property of competitiondigest.com and the originating contributor. I am more than happy to allow you to repost or republish an excerpt from a post or page provided that the following terms are met:

  1. Attribution: Credit the source as competitiondigest.com and the individual author by name.
  2. Link Back: Provide a hyperlink back to the competitiondigest.com post or page from which the excerpt was taken. The link should point to the URL (Permalink) of the specific post, not to the competitiondigest.com home page.
  3. Limited Republishing: You may not republish the blog post in its entirety without first obtaining permission.
  4. Non-commercial Use: You may not use competitiondigest.com content or sell competitiondigest.com content for commercial purposes.

Photographs or images belonging to competitiondigest.com and its authors may be displayed on non-commercial, educational, or personal websites as long as the appropriate attribution and link-back requirements are followed. Photographs or images should never be linked directly from competitiondigest.com, but should be copied and uploaded to your own web server space. Please use your own bandwidth, not mine.

Licensing inquires:

Please contact us here. Kindly prefix “Licensing” in the email subject.


To report an error or an inaccurately attributed image/resource on competitiondigest.com, please get in touch. Please prefix “Correction” in the email subject. I will make the correction as appropriate.

This page was last updated on July 06, 2014